Human Wellbeing Ltd

  • Why choose Human Givens Therapy?


  • Involves minimal dwelling on the past

  • Takes as few sessions as possible

  • Facilitates long lasting improvement

  • Explores your individual needs and resources

  • Finds practical solutions to your problems

  • One to one interaction

  • Comfortable environment

  • Experience with adults, children and young people



  • Effective, fast and practical help for anyone suffering from a range of issues including:


  • depression/low mood

  • panic attacks

  • phobias

  • low self-esteem

  • self-harming

  • eating disorders

  • poor concentration

  • relationship problems

  • anxiety and stress

  • anger problems

  • post-traumatic stress disorder including military (PTSD) and Complex PTSD

  • addiction (all kinds

  • obsessions (OCD)

  • poor sleep

Judith Desbonne

Human Givens Psychological Therapist

Effective, fast and practical help

for all emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Telephone : 01278 421385

Mobile: 07957 817035

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Professional Membership

  • Human givens therapists offfer reliable and practical help for emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties.

  • Using the best evidence based psychological knowledge about resolving such difficulties, we can help you move on with your life as quickly as possible. 2017 2 (2) HGI logo with PSA (portrait) - RGB 72dpi Practitioner-Member-logo BAATN HGI logo with PSA (landscape) - RGB 72dpi