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Why choose Human Givens Therapy?

·  Involves minimal dwelling on the past

·  Takes as few sessions as possible

· Facilitates long lasting improvement

· Explores your individual needs and resources

· Finds practical solutions to your problems

· One to one interaction

· Comfortable environment

· Experience with adults, children and young people


Effective, fast and practical help for anyone suffering from a range of issues including:

• depression/low mood

• panic attacks

• phobias

• low self-esteem

• self-harming

. eating disorders

• poor concentration

• relationship problems

• anxiety and stress

• anger problems

• post-traumatic stress disorder including military (PTSD) and Complex PTSD

• addiction (all kinds)

• obsessions (OCD)

• poor sleep














Judith Desbonne

Human Givens Psychological Therapist

Effective, fast and practical help

for all emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Telephone : 01278 421385


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Professional Membership

Human givens therapists offfer reliable and practical help for emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties.

Using the best evidence based psychological knowledge about resolving such difficulties, we can help you move on with your life as quickly as possible. 2017 2 (2) HGI logo with PSA (portrait) - RGB 72dpi Practitioner-Member-logo BAATN HGI logo with PSA (landscape) - RGB 72dpi